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a woman in the gym

Once again I will have to ruin someones ideology in which a guy has to work only on upper body and girls have to focus on their glutes. Gym, as any kind of other way of sport is very genderless.

I started the gym when I was 18, and at that time there was like 1-2 girls who were doing weightlifting workout with me as well, and the rest of the girls were on treadmill. When I was giving my final exams in ‘Physique Education’ in school I was the only girl giving the tests and the rest were guys who were in the national level of every sport possible. When I gave my thesis about the gym workout the examinator was very sceptic about what i wrote and my proposals.

He said that why I want woman to work on her back, lats, deltoids, it wasn’t “woman muscles”.

This was a same person who had to tell me that I was right after 10 years, when we met accidentally on the road and I was already a professional athlete.

No matter if you are a woman or a man or anything in between you will have the access to same weights and workouts. No matter what society says to you and brainwash you into, you will HAVE to leave all behind you and focus on full body workout and do it right to prepare your body for a level up.

As you already know, whenever we are talking about any kind of sport, fitness and bodybuilding is the only category in which the aesthetics matters, because for any other sport you will have to work not on the shape and proportion of muscles, but on strength etc etc.

The main thing that a woman has to know, that she will NOT become like a man if she will lift heavy. Those girls who are in bodybuilding they are using steroids that change her appearance, she has amazing DNA, she is dedicated day and night for the sports regime, she already inserted huge amount of money into this and yes, she will look “manly” with huge biceps and she is ok with it. So for her its a personal choice that she made for her own.

A normal girl will NOT have this kind of muscular structure without illegal steroids. So relax.

What the weight lifting will DO to you is- your posture will be way better, you will not look like batman when clapping your hands, your skin will be way more toned, your periods will be less painful and shorter, your glutes will be more firm and rounded, your muscles will shape your body and make it look more like a hourglass than a teddy bear. I don’t mention that your cardio vascular system will be way stronger, and your muscles will burn fat 24/7, plus you will age way slower, your psychological health will improve, so will your pocket, since you will be healthier and those money you spent on the doctor visit will go on something you really wanted to buy.

Do not choose to be helpless and weak, its 2020, we all have to be twice as strong as we were before.

  • keshav kumar
    Posted at 21:53h, 01 July Reply

    Is there any collaboration regarding fitness in future with BANI J ??
    Will be nice to see both of you as you both are in this line.

    • Olly Esse
      Posted at 14:45h, 09 July Reply

      We’ll have to wait and see 😛

  • Isaiah_Thompson
    Posted at 14:50h, 26 September Reply

    Knowing the real meaning of art and being an exceptional artist, she is majorly drawn by creativity and to unravel it, she has also collaborated with her peers from Koost project. Apart from being a great Dj, OLLY is known to be a fitness freak.

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