Diet Life - Part 1 - Olly Esse
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Diet Life – Part 1

Diet is becoming more like a fashion than a real help in everyday life. We see our bodies more and more as a dress or a display that we can change instead of something that last from the start till the end.

Fashion industry, social media, TV and other media brainwash us into this way of looking as the popular people.

They will never say – look healthy, they will say look like Kim Kardashian if you want feel attractive and if you want to be considered as handsome you have to look like Jason Momoa, otherwise your out. Media don’t care about your health, they really care about your money, why? Because by launching and creating new different “hot” diet that will give you the right curves will cost them only a text and a pair of pictures, but for you to follow the diet will cost you money. They will use influencers to brainwash you into new paleo, kept, vegan and God only knows diet and then will launch cooking books, dedicated super food shops, new menu, more expensive and fancy requirements. They will launch new models of clothes, dedicated gym and active wear – but obviously, if you’re not doing the keto, are you even dieting?

Last time I’ve seen a legend, Schwarzenegger saying to people, that the vegan diet is great for muscle growth etc, I switched off the laptop. This was too much for me. Watching a pseudo documentary which was clearly cherry picking the truth about vegan life, lying about the statistics and research literally in face. I knew, that this one was a great launch of a vegan diet, and it was literally a trash documentary, but day after I’ve seen so many people believing in that crap, talking to me as they were enlighten by a research on 3 different people and taking this all “information” from some platform which is not even dedicated to sport and research as a new Bible of fitness and health. Obviously, for them, normal people it was obvious that if Schwarzenegger said vegan is good means it is good. Too bad it was coming out from a guy who was doing steroids whole his live AND eating meat to win all his prices.

Now, I am sure he was not telling a fairytale of vegan world for free. Everything is for sale, isn’t it?

Now, the main thing about whole this industry is not how will u feel, is this or that diet suits you. It’s to sell you a new lifestyle, tell you that if you will buy this or that product you will be attractive and then change your views in a pair of months, because the new diet will be even cooler.

We are talking about psychology here- brainwash people to buy whatever they don’t need by giving them the feeling of lower self esteem and sadness. Do we really need it?

We need to start to approach it in another, smarter way.
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