How to start YOUR workouts? - Olly Esse
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How to start YOUR workouts?

Majority of people tell me that they’re not doing anything because they don’t have time or they’re not that old. I think people who don’t want to start will have 100’s of excuses to not do it. Leaving here some of the points that might make you see the workout from the other side.

Everyone, literally started with something basic and something that made them feel uncomfortable, so don’t think that you’re not good enough. You won’t be good if you will never start. This is a commitment for only 10 minutes and 6 times a week. Which is basically 1 hour every week.

It’s not going to take away much of your life, but it will teach you discipline and engagement in your own life, making the right decision for yourself and yes, feel more empowered. Maybe, after a few months or so you will start doing it because of the satisfaction that a little movement in your body will give.

What do you need?

Start with comfortable clothing which will not restrict your moves. You don’t have to buy the dedicated wear, but if that will help you out psychologically- do it. A towel is required because you will eventually sweat or you’ll have to lie down on the floor, you don’t want those bacterias on your hair and face. Always have water with you, don’t forget to eat something light before any exercise.

A fruit 15 minutes before exercising will give you that pump. If you’re into coffee- a shot of espresso will definitely help.

Find a place near you to exercise. if you’re shy- Bodyweight exercises in the house can be a start. If you’re shy and you want to go to the gym – no worries no one will be there to look at you, no one really cares, gyms are places in which people come for themselves and not for others ( goes to real gyms not super commercial or snob places). I would be more for supporting local places than some super big names because I’m more of a lone wolf, but the choice is up to you. While in the gym always keep in mind that you will have to keep things near you while doing the workout, don’t leave your belongings somewhere, and then freak out that you can’t find your cell phone. If you choose to exercise at home, it is always good to find any app or go to youtube to find any bodyweight exercises and choose those plans which are not too complicated and well explained. You basically need to have some kind of guideline. Focus on your form, technique before throwing yourself into some crazy headstand. If you’re going to the gym or any other sport – Try to afford some technical lessons with the trainer you will save yourself breaking your back.

Last but not least, don’t expect your body to drastically change in 1 session. it will take at least a month to see anything and 1 year to see real change.

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