Let us start with knowledge - Olly Esse
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Let us start with knowledge

Every small and big gym will have a personal trainer. He will be your teacher for a pair of lessons. He will introduce you to the world full of possibilities for your body. Mainly compound movements. So let’s start to reveal the gym rat terminology and hacks that you can easily apply in real life.

Firstly you will need someone who will give you the indication of the technical part of the movements that you will start introducing to your body. The main things that you’ll aim at is to strengthen your muscles, mobility, coordination, connections between the brain and your body, and obviously fat loss. Disclaimer there are no exercises that will make you lose fat from only one part of your body, and whoever tells you that, is lying. You are a whole, treat yourself like a whole. Muscles, joints, and bones are connected between themselves and if you think that you can just take one part of the body out of context maybe you can gain muscles in that only part but your aim is to have an aesthetically pleasing body, not a painting of Picasso.

Have you ever seen guys who are beautiful till the waist and then the disaster of chicken legs? It’s ridiculous, right? This is what’s happening when people don’t obey the rule of the whole. Same, if you will lose fat, you will lose it everywhere and not chosen part of your body, you will lose it overall in whole of your body. There’s nothing you can do. Its nature. I would suggest you to only compound movements, to involve as much as body parts as possible, because you’re burning more and you’re learning how to move properly and create stronger communication between muscles.

Basic golden exercises for everyone ( gym is genderless) are – squat, deadlift, and bench press. Focus on these three. If you want to do something in the free body then do push ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. These will be the basic ones for you. Compound movements are the ones that target more muscles, targeted focus on one part of the body. Usually, the fitness way of doing things is first compound exercises and then targeting the muscles. Once you see the shape of the body, muscles and you want to have the aesthetically perfect body think about a sculpture. First, you have to shape whatever you want and then move to the details.

There are different schools of doing things which will have different provenience and ideology, but mainly all of them will agree that squat, bench and deadlift are the main 3 that should be taught first to everyone. One last thing as I said before, there is no gender concept in the gym or sport. Everyone are doing the same things which they are supposed to do. If you’re a girl, don’t just go on the treadmill, you will not shape your body by exercising only through cardio. You will shape your body by loading kilos and squatting etc. Same to the guys if you want to accomplish anything, stop focusing only on your biceps and your stomach.

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