Psychological facts about sport/gym - Olly Esse
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Psychological facts about sport/gym

We are pushed more and more by fitness gurus to have a perfect body. Colorful, posed, retouched, and perfect pictures from social media give us the possibility of having more and more anxiety.

We all want to be amazing, lean, happy, have that model body to show off.

We mostly don’t know how to obtain it. There is a big truth- most people will do anything to be lean, look better, they will buy corsets which will move their internal organs, they will take pills to cause diarrhea, they will stop to eat, causing huge harm to their body in each and every way, but they will never go to the gym and start to work out properly. You might ask why? Because it is heavy, it needs determination and will.

The first approach to the gym or sport might be very traumatic to your body it is not ready to do this kind of physical work, you will be looking funny, you will look clumsy, you will feel ashamed of your form, of rolls of fat, and what worse you will have the problems to accept that others are looking perfect, but you are not. This anxiety will be there at least for some time because it comes out of negative views on the gym in the first place.

Some people don’t understand that sport is not a genie, it will not grant you 3 wishes, and all you will have each and every time is muscle soreness.

One of the people told me that only masochists like to do sport. That person never had the thing called self-awareness, because he wasn’t looking good. But he was ok with being flaccid, as most of the people do. There is another way in which people are defending themselves. They are praising the fitness gurus, but also hate them because they realize that being an athlete is a great daily amount of work. Not everyone will find it attractive, to be always on diet, to count calories, to always watch out on what you’re ordering, to stop smoking, drinking, and anything harmful. People don’t want consequences, people want instant gratification, the problem is that biology says that we need time for a muscle fiber to be produced. You don’t ask 1 year old to look like a teenager, do you?

So why are you are asking from your body to have muscles like Schwarzenegger after one week in the gym? Crazy request, right?

The right way to approach to any sport is to chill, everything has its time, you don’t need to freak out when your muscles are paining, you have to listen to your trainer and if you’re shy come when there are fewer people so you will understand more and you will be given more attention from the right person instead of tens of people in the room. You’re going to construct the new you step by step. Keep that in mind.

  • Aftabul Hoque
    Posted at 19:06h, 16 June Reply

    Thanks for doing such a great job.
    In this day to day busy life we forgot to be a fit and healthy person.
    I will try my best to follow this.

    • Olly Esse
      Posted at 14:47h, 09 July Reply

      Please do, its’ important to be healthy.

  • Shubham kumar
    Posted at 19:26h, 16 June Reply’am i am big fan of you..

  • Anish Kumar Singh
    Posted at 23:46h, 16 June Reply

    You are right ollyesse. These lazy people will not have patience to achieve that /this kinda body so I will agree with you. I’m also a athlete so I can understand your feelings, thoughts whatever you have spoken. Be a kind & lovable lady 😘😍.

    • Olly Esse
      Posted at 14:47h, 09 July Reply

      Good job, keep working at it.

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