Shoes are important! - Olly Esse
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Shoes are important!

We are starting with proper gear. We buy nice pants, some t-shirts, maybe tank tops, good bag to show off, then we dress any shoes we have and there we go…

No. not the right way.

Let’s start with your shoes define your posture and the way you perform any exercise. Most of the exercises should be done while standing and engaging the core, so then you will understand how and where you’re standing. If you’re sitting while working out- or you’re using machines that actually focusing on the certain muscle or you’re doing it wrong ( a part of bench press obviously).

Your body needs to understand how to behave during the lift, which muscles to involve, what is the movement. By knowing the technical part of the lift you’re actually having 90 per cent of success already. Specially if you’re into weightlifting or a powerlifter, non mentioning other indoor sports, because idk the technical part, but as you already understand that for each sport the gear is DIFFERENT.

So, if you have to do cardio – running shoes will be ok, but same shoes will make you mostly lean forward while doing squats, that’s why all the powerlifters prefer flat shoes. Weightlifters have different shoes which are super technical and very expensive. I always had flats while working out because i understood that i just want to have more stability and “feel the ground”

Whenever I’m working out with kettlebells I actually workout barefoot, very old school. Why?

i like to know what’s my posture during the lift and where I can do better. In the end everything is coming from feet- if you are not sure how to position them and you don’t feel the ground properly- i have no idea how you will lift heavy or properly. So many people got injured because they just panicked at one point understanding that they are not stabilised properly. Internet is full of gym fails. So don’t be one of them- if you have any knees problem or flat feet etc ask your doctor what to do. Dont wear swag shoes in the gym just because you want to show off. wear simple cheap shoes that you can dirt with chalk and you won’t be so sorry.

I would really consider to do the heavy lifting workout with both the ways- flats and barefoot just to understand the movement of your body while lifting and for stability. However, as the gym is not the beach, no havaianas. Your shoes should help not destroy your body and life.

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