THERE are NO shortcuts - Olly Esse
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THERE are NO shortcuts

if I would have a penny for every time someone would ask me if there is any possibility thatchy will loose weight in one week, because they have to show off a new body to friends and family, I would have have a Ferrari by now.

Lemme just tell u straight facts- were not in parallel universe or matrix, no one will give you a magic pill to make you open ur eyes on facts. Or you really want to do something with your fat or just leave it and just stay as you are.

Theres no benefit from detox tea/ coffee/ shamans drink etc. I know ur favourite Kylie is saying that the detox patch will work, but she’s charging one million for a post and doesn’t give a single bit to sell u manure. U have to accept that someone has more money for doctors and liposuction than you. By buying this detox fairytale you’re feeding an industry full of shit which will benefit on ignorant people who are too lazy to find out what exactly means to loose fat. And it’s so hard nowadays to read and research, instead of going in the library and reading thousands of books all you have to do its picking up the smartphone and say ‘ok, Google”, so yes, i understand that for someone the struggle is real.

Next one in the line – the magnificent personal trainer who just done 2 weeks of workshop and offers u some diet pill or so called fat burners “on the side” saying that this magical intervention from made in underground of Neverland and containing the magic blood of unicorn will save you from all the sorrows in this world, will find u a matching girl or boy, wash ur dishes and also will make you burn so much fat you will be loosing even ur brain in one week. Get out of here. Basic biology and evolution laws are still there and are going nowhere. Real fat loss it is a long process, whether you are ok with it or not. All of those people who are lying straight into ur face saying that it is possible to loose far just like that (ur not an ex professional athlete, and even in this case, they have to work HARD to maintain ) is not ok, not legal, puts you and your health in danger. All these slogans – loose fat in 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks… loose 20 kg, why not, one month is enough… If you want to literally have your life ending with a heart attack – be my guest, don’t tell me I didn’t warned you.

Facepalm for essential oils… Sometimes I’m looking at some offers who are claiming that some essential oils from ancient cupboard of aunty Neeta will save your soul from hell and your ass from being square and flat. Again, you can believe in Santa Claus that’s amazing, but just don’t say that he really will come to your house if u really wish it so hard. Squat!! 
Squats will save your ass, fairytale won't.

Waist trainer- the enemy of internal organs and good skin. So you really think that getting your lungs pierced by one of your rib cage bones is attractive? Waist trainers are literally corsets that got banned like a century ago, because it was provoking all kind of physical dysfunctions. But it took one celebrity to wear it and here we go again. People buying it without questions. One observation – when you mop the floor then u drink from same bucket? No, right? Why? Common sense. Same applicable to pushing your internal organs into weird position and then asking yourself how come you got health problems.

No shortcuts. Learn how to constantly work on yourself. Learn how to say no to food. Don’t treat food as a psychological therapy. Learn how to accept the daily workout in your routine.

  • Gaurav Kundekar
    Posted at 07:18h, 29 July Reply

    Hi Olly, it’s the first time I am reading your blog and it’s totally something I want my mind to be fed with regarding some physical training! Reading /watching hacks and stuff on google had me high to get the weight loss quick but later realising its worthless! Then started gradual and steady grind and it had helped a lot! And this blog is every word worth!!!
    Thankyou for this!
    Lots of love!!!

    • Olly Esse
      Posted at 15:51h, 16 August Reply

      I’m glad you liked it and are working towards getting fitter.

  • Navdeep Singh villkhoo
    Posted at 19:44h, 29 July Reply

    So true said

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