What do you have to know about real lifting - it's easy - Olly Esse
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What do you have to know about real lifting – it’s easy

What do you have to know about real lifting – its easy – nothing will come over night, train your legs first, do all the exercises properly and focus on the progressive overload. Technique in which you will have to do compound movements with allow you to lift heavy and have less injuries. Majority of people will get results out of constant workout, not out of one time killer session per week.

Consistency, technical improvement, full body workout is the key.

There are obviously some rules of movement dynamic during the exercise, that its up to your personal trainer to show you what’s the best option for you. I love slow movement because it gives me more control over the weight and I understand better how to execute the exercise properly.

So the answer at least for me would be technique over the time. You can’t do things quick and properly- you will have to choose or one or another. Don’t do half reps. Control whole body while doing any even the smallest exercise. Everything matters.

The connection between your body and brain matters. You want to do things smoothly and coordination of the moves should be perfect. For that you will have to repeat the same movement properly for x times. Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither a great or fit body.

Basic gym tips for beginners- don’t push yourself too much in first week – you just starting to know technique. Give yourself time between sets but don’t drown into cell phone. Never go to the gym when you’re exhausted. It will pain- be ready for that. You will be uncomfortable. You will want to quit. Knowing that – go in front of the mirror and look at what you want to modify, and understand that without you working on yourself nothing will change.

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