Life after covid19, whats next? - Olly Esse
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Life after covid19, whats next?

A question that I hear the most these days and the most feared one – What’s next?

Allow me to give my view on the situation of “NOW”. In this period still, a lot of people are not out for work. Some of the office folks are at home and working from there, others are just sitting at home. Millions of people lost their jobs. Thousands of the businesses are closed and another thousand will fail in very near time. All of this is because people are not aware of how they are self-destroying the community and the country.

At the start of the pandemic we were told to be at home, wear a mask that covers both mouth and sone while out also wash or sanitize hands, last but not least to stay away from one another for at least 6 ft. Countries where the people were “clever “ enough, they took it seriously, responsibly and they have done the best possible way to obey the 4 rules which were not that heavy to understand. Now the same countries are free of virus, they’re having the time of their lives, working, going out, no curfew, way fewer deaths, and way less drama. Some countries did not go into lockdown, that’s on them and their countries policies.

Other countries though, in which people thought that the virus will not come to their homes and will not infect them and their families – well those are still in a strict lockdown and this will not change till there will be people on the streets who are not wearing the mask, or not wearing the mask properly, or challenging the future by going around and “asking for it”. In those countries in particular the future is under the question because there is a huge difference between lockdown for 1 month and 3-6 months. Mostly all the Gyms which will be closed for a long period of time will have to pay the rent, and if not- they will have to close down. People will have less choice when it comes to going to the gym, also if people don’t go to the gym – they will probably buy fewer proteins and diet products- ergo problems also in this branch, as it is a huge one and recent as well in some countries. We have all the branches of fitness – athletes, exhibitors, producers of proteins and sups, gyms, etc – all of them are waiting for the gym industry to reopen its doors, which obviously is not possible till the cases of the corona will continue to rise.

Music industry- I declare it in hibernation as well, waiting for big events to come in maybe 6 months to 1 year from now. Same question- why people think that they are invincible – if all of us would’ve just followed those 4 things we would have had all the parties, festivals, clubs, rests, etc on and working. Sessions from home- live from home does not make that much sense as I’ve seen a huge amount of negative reviews. Of course, the party inside your house is not the same as a night with your friends partying till the end and singing your favorite songs.

I want to say this one thing to all of the people who think for the future,
"If you want your future to look good - wear a mask, tell people around you to wear it."
We will have a great collapse of the entertainment and fitness/sport business if we will not start to take this pandemic seriously.

Once collapsed – things will not come back.

That is it. So be responsible. Thank you
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