Why is IT important to continue to workout at home - Olly Esse
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Why is IT important to continue to workout at home

Many people stopped to workout in the lockdown. As we seen increasingly popular the workout a broad, (we know it because the sales of gym equipment such as elastic bands, dumbbells etc in Amazon increased ), notching much happened in India.

People are taking the closing of the gym as an excuse to sit day and night and literally go back to the “form before the gym”, saying that once the fitness clubs etc will be opened they will re- gain the lost time and muscles tone.

Reality is- yes, its true, the muscle memory might work for us, but I’m expecting that a lot of people will not maintain the promise.

With increasing of health problems in urban areas here in India we realised that every fourth of city habitant is having problems with weight- literally overweight or obese. Lets keep it straight – people who are having problems with overweight will have problems with health more than people with normal weight.

Since were in lockdown we move even less than before, we have our sleep times way different and, we are eating more junk.

WHY? Psychology. Human mind its a complex mechanism, but in the end we can easily explain the basics. WE survived, as species, because we were mostly going in tribes wherever there was food, we were hunting, planting, collecting together. We need to be in this “tribe” to feel safe, to be happy, to feel accepted and to have a “normal life”. Now, the social life, as some researches are indications is as important as food and other basic necessities. When we don’t talk, engage, feel to be a part of a group, we feel anxious, we will not have the same gratification as we usually have if we don’t see our friends, beloved ones. That brings our bodies to try to find the pleasure and gratification in another place – kitchen. We need that spike of hormones of pleasure to keep us sane, so we eat junk. Im not telling you to stop to eat your favourite chips. Just reduce the quantity. try to eat in rations, not whole package together. No one called off surplus of calories.

As per what workout- you can easily have one or two friends in your contacts who likes to dance, who likes to do workout – call them up and establish one precise hour in which you will connect over a video call and workout together. With on your favourite tune and try to have this session at least 4 times a week.

Workout, even simplest one will keep your level of hormones of pleasure higher, you will have stronger immune system and you will keep your body ready for the lockdown end. You will be also slimmer, and you will be more calm and more disciplined. Sleep schedule will be way more regular and way better quality.

It is more than important that we all will learn from our mistakes and trying to understand how to push ourselves more. It doesn’t take much to destroy, but everything that was build required effort.
  • Nikul Prajapati
    Posted at 23:16h, 23 June Reply

    I am big fan of you mam one more autograph please ❤️ bigger fan of you mam 💜💚

    • Olly Esse
      Posted at 14:46h, 09 July Reply

      When things get better and you’re at any of my gigs, surely.

  • Sohail khan
    Posted at 15:10h, 24 June Reply

    Awesome big fan I will join you

    • Olly Esse
      Posted at 14:46h, 09 July Reply

      You must workout and tag meon social media #OllyEsseGang forever

  • Shubham mangaonkar
    Posted at 22:54h, 24 June Reply

    Very helpful, thankyou

  • Shubham kumar
    Posted at 18:53h, 04 July Reply

    Ma’am first i really like u hahaha or i love your all post and workout

    • Olly Esse
      Posted at 14:45h, 09 July Reply

      aww thank you 🙂

  • Aaditya Singh
    Posted at 20:23h, 04 July Reply

    I totally agree with you

    • Olly Esse
      Posted at 14:45h, 09 July Reply

      Thank you.. I don’t think i’ve said anything wrong here.

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